Live Report February 24th, 2021 – Air Vent Mold Inspection in Freehold, NJ

Crew dispatched to air vent mold inspection in Freehold, NJ

Recently, the customer had noticed that their equipment in the utility closet had been leaking. Someone, at the landlord’s request, had disconnected and reconnected and it stopped. However, since then, the client had noticed that they were having typical mold-related symptoms, such as breathing issues. They say that mold appears sometimes in the bathroom. There was minor surface mold because of the humidity of the room, but was nothing to be concerned about.

We sent a team to the apartment with equipment to moisture map the room and get a better understanding if the walls and floors remained wet, and if that was contributing to the possible microbial growth in the area. We also walked the client through the remediation process, in order to better give them an idea of what would need to be done. Upon inspection, the return line for the air conditioning was dusty, so we cleaned it up and replaced the filter. We sprayed anti-microbial in the ducts to prevent future growth.

Water damage in your home is one of the most annoying occurrences, and walking in to discover unwanted mold growth can ruin your week. If you are experiencing any kind of Emergency Mold Damage in Monmouth County, NJ, we can help in just 60 minutes.

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