Marie had water damage in her home due to Slab leak Broken pipe in Howell, NJ, Monmouth County Area. – Kitchen Water Damage in Monmouth County

Marie is telling about water damage repair cause By burst pipe in the slab,  flooded home cleanup experience in Howell Freehold, New Jersey.

Selda: Hi we are here with Marie Early from Howell, New Jersey. There was slab leak water damage in your home, tell us what happened.

slab leak water damage howell NJ

Marie: We had a slab water leak under the slab and the leak detection company located the problem, our plumber AMI Plumbing came and did a phenomenal job in the location and water leak repair and then shortly after I received your information AllStates Restoration and within 2 hours, you and your crew were on the scene lifting / protecting the furniture from the water, removing the water (carpet water extraction), the carpeting, the padding and started to packout the house, box up our belongings carefully removed them from the damage area.
I cannot say enough wonderful things about the crew, the office staff and I would highly recommend this company for all of your water damage problems, with water damage, smoke damage, you were just absolutely phenomenal!

Selda: Well thank you so much Marie–so, is it safe to say you would recommend us to family and friends.

Marie: Highly recommend.
Unfortunately I had to recommend you to my Howell neighbor across the street who had a similar problem with slab leak water damage restoration and he’s very pleased with what has happened so far and he is hoping for a similar outcome with regards to repairs on his house.

Sean: What did you like the best of what we did, can you be specific what it was?

Marie: It was the care in which your staff was responsive to our inquiries, constant communication almost daily, daily moisture report and when the staff was to report they showed up every day, there was not a time where I said well, where is everybody?
Somebody on the premises working to help us get our lives back in some kind of order.

Sean: If you had to rate us from 1 to 10….

Marie: 10 PLUS
Absolutely 10 plus and there is a 10 plus and I’m a hard task master and I am very critical.
But I cannot say one negative thing about you and your company and your staff

Yet Another grateful client in Howell, NJ! and the surrounding areas like Freehold, Jackson, Farmingdale, Lakewood, Millstone, Colts neck, Well Twp, Brick Twp with all slab water leak inspection, slab leak detection and slab water damage repair

Sean: We really appreciate it

Marie: Well, I will tell you, Anytime you need a recommendation, and if someone needs to speak with me personally, I would be more than happy to do that.

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