Kathy telling her carpet cleaning experience in Manalapan, Monmouth County NJ

Kathy had her carpet cleaned in Manalapan, NJ (Village Grande at Battleground)

(Sean: What is your experience with us?) AllStates Services and Sean did a very nice job, a beautiful job, and he backs his work. He’s very professional, very nice service. Thank you Sean!
The day I was first scheduled Sean had a problem with his truck but he did bring another back up service which frankly I was not as pleased with. I think his truck service was going to do a better job… so they came back and re-did the job and I’m very pleased.- Carpet Cleaning Manalapan

(Sean: And what do you like best about the services) The honesty, the integrity, you backed up your work, you came and did a beautiful job, and I think you’re very trustworthy.

(Sean: And if you had to rate from 1 to 10, what do you rate the carpet cleaning experience?) I’ll rate the experience 8 or 9. It took a little time to redo, it was a little inconvenient, but Sean did come back and on time, and that’s important as well, so overall I’m pleased to use him again.

(Sean: Can you refer your friends and family about our service) Yes. I will refer you to friends in my neighborhood and hope you get more work out of this job.

Yet, Another happy carpet cleaning client in Manalapan NJ

(Sean: Thank you very much) Okay, thank you Sean.

Kathy – Manalapan NJ