Brent Had home water damage, wet carpet water damage, sheetrock water damage, kitchen floor repair water damage, subfloor water damage, and content water damaged in South Orange, Livingston, Short Hills, Millburn, Summit and Chatham area NJ area caused by broken water heater leaking. – Broken Water Heater Leaking Essex Co.

Brent telling about he’s Hot Water Heater Leak Repairs, home Water Removal & Damage Restoration in South Orange, Livingston, Short Hills, Millburn, Summit Area Experience in Union and Essex Counties New Jersey

Sean: I’m here with Brent, Brent had water damage and it was a holiday weekend. Brent what’s your experience with Allstates Restoration Services?
Brent: Well first of all, it was Thanksgiving weekend. And we called a bunch of different companies because we had a lot of water damage and I was spreading quickly and AllStates were the only guys that would come and they came quickly and when they got here they had a team of workers ready to go, again on Thanksgiving weekend and they did the job efficiently and quickly and ah we were more than satisfied with the cleanup work that they did.

Sean: What did you like best about the service, can you be specific?
Brent: Well I think it was Very informative, they told me what they were doing every step of the way they showed me what they were doing why they were ripping certain stuff up showed me where it was wet… where mold could grow….and ah just their punctuality. They were here on time and they were here until the work was done… they were here.

Sean: If you had to rate them from 1-10 what would you rate them?
Brent: I’d give them a 10 because you know there was a ton of water damage in here and within a few days it was cleaned up and dried, so ah….more than satisfied with AllStates Services

Yet, Another Satisfied Water Damage Cleanup & Repairs Client in South Orange, Livingston, Short Hills, Millburn, Summit & Chatham Area

Sean: Can you tell friends, family about AllStates Services.
Brent: Absolutely, I’d recommend them.
Sean: Thanks a lot
Brent: My pleasure

Brent – South Orange, Livingston, Short Hills, Millburn, Summit, Chatham NJ

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