Rohit had water damage in his home due to water tank crack in Edison, NJ, Middlesex County Area. – Bathroom Water Damage in Middlesex County

Rohit is telling about Water Damage Restoration, flooded recovery experience in Middlesex County New Jersey.

Al: I’m here with Rohit Rathi from Edison, NJ. How are you?

RohitHi, How are you?

Al: Good, thank you for asking. Can you tell me what you like best about our company? What is one thing that stuck out?

Rohit: My experience has been amazing. As soon as I saw saw the leak I called and you guys were there in the next two hours to help me mitigate my work, and kept everything going.

Water Tank Leak in Edison, NJ

Al: That’s awesome Can you tell me what you liked best about our company? What is one thing that stuck out?

Rohit: They knew what they were doing. and they were on time. When I needed them they were there for me.

Another happy client in Edison, NJ!

Al: That’s awesome. On a scale from one to ten, one being the lowest and ten being the highest, what would you rate us?

RohitI’ll give them a ten. A ten

Al: Thank you so much and good luck with everything.

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