Pam telling about her basement water damage cleanup experience in Ocean Twp, Monmouth County NJ – Water Damage from Toilet Overflow Ocean Twp

Pam Had Flooded Basement water damage restoration service in Ocean NJ

(Sean: Pam had water damage on the first floor and the basement. Pam what’s your experience with AllState Services)

I thought everyone was efficient. They were professional, came in right away and removed everything. They put me at ease. I was very uptight, and they came out immediately as soon as I called. Sean spoke to me during the evening, that night he was willing to come out the night that the damage occurred, but showed up first thing in the morning the following day.

(Sean: What do you like best about the service we provide )

I don’t think there was anything that I didn’t like. You were efficient, you were kind, you knew how to put me at ease, professional, you brought in a crew that worked quickly to get all the water damage out of the house. I felt that I could trust you and leave you with my family. I would highly recommend you.

(Sean: If you have to rate it from 1 to 10, what would you rate it )

I would rate it a 15

Yet, Another happy water damage restoration client in Ocean NJ

I would tell anybody that was ever in a situation like me or even if it wasn’t as big of a situation or if it was bigger . I work down in the shore area. I know that there are people who experience

flooding from time to time. I would tell anybody I highly recommend your services.

Pam – Ocean Twp New jersey