Bill Had basement water damage, drywall water damage, carpeted floor water damage repair and content water damaged (sofa) in Colts Neck Marlboro Farmingdale NJ area caused by sump pump malfunction. – Basement Water Damage Restoration Colts Neck

Bill telling about is Basement Water Damage Restoration, Disaster Recovery Colts Neck, Marlboro and Farmingdale NJ experience in Monmouth Counties New Jersey

Sean: Hi we have ah Bill over here, we just finished drying his basement. Bill how was your experience with AllStates Services?

Bill: Excellent, flooded the basement, you guys came out you took care of everything in a few days and saved me thousands of dollars on lost furniture. So, ah, I can’t say enough about how great the service was.

Sean: If you can be specific, what did you like best about the service that we provide?

Bill: Id have to say there was nothing bad about the service. You know, you brought your fans in, you dried everything out, you made sure the job was done before you walked away. There wasn’t a bad part of the service at all.

Sean: If you had to rate us 1-10 how would you rate us?

Bill: 11

Yet, Another Satisfied Water Damage Restoration Client in Colts Neck, Marlboro and Farmingdale Area

Sean: And ah, you gonna spread the word, are you going to recommend AllStates to friends, family.

Bill: I would recommend AllStates to everybody who needs any of your services

Sean: Thank you very much.

Bill: Thank you.

Bill – Colts Neck, Marlboro and Farmingdale, NJ

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