Susan Had basement water damage, drywall water damage mold and gym floor flood damage in Princeton, Hillsborough, Montgomery, Skillman NJ area caused by well leaking water into basement – Pipe leaking Basement Water Damage NJ

Susan telling about her Basement Water Damage Restoration, Disaster Recovery and Cleanup in Princeton, Hillsborough, Montgomery, Skillman, NJ experience in Mercer and Somerset Counties New Jersey

AllStates: How was your experience with AllStates Restoration?
Susan: It was perfect, a very stressful time, a very stressful situation.  And you guys came in and took care of everything and you were polite, friendly and caring and supportive.  It is a crazy household and you made everything calmer.  It was a great experience.  It was actually on a Sunday, you came out.  We called, I got your number in a phonebook and I was worried nobody was going to come out on a Sunday.  You showed up within 2 hours so it was great.

AllStates: What do you like best about the service we provide?  Can you please be specific?
Susan: Sure, there were a lot of things.  I am not just saying this, it is true as I am pretty picky.

  1. You guys were incredibly friendly and made me feel like you would take care of it. 
  2. I had a very stressful day that day for a lot of reasons and you made me feel calm that it would be taken care of. You came in and cleaned up and cleaned up as best that you could taking everything away, so really giving me very little to do which was so helpful.

Yet, Another Satisfied Water Damage Restoration Client in Princeton, Hillsborough, Montgomery, Skillman

AllStates: It you have to rate us on a scale from 1-10, what would you rate us?
Susan: Oh definitely at 10.

AllStates: Can you tell people, friends and family about us?
Susan: Oh sure, sure.  I am tipping point.  I have already told many people.

Susan – Manalapan, Princeton, Hillsborough, Montgomery, Skillman, NJ

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