John Had first floor and basement flooded, kitchen water damage, hardwood floor water damage, carpet and washer and dryer water damage as well as water damage walls and Ceiling in Manalapan Marlboro Morganville NJ area caused by hurricane Irene and river flooding – Basement Water Damage Repairs

John telling about is Basement Water Damage Restoration, Disaster Recovery, Water Removal, Cleanup and Dryout in Manalapan NJ and Marlboro Morganville and Monroe area experience in Monmouth and Middlesex County New Jersey

Sean: Hi I have John Morris over here.  John Morris’s house was flooded by the big storm we had a couple of months ago. John, what was your experience with AllStates Services?

John: It was very good. You came to my house.  You didn’t ask for any money until I got my insurance claim.  They took care of everything they said they were going to take care of.  They handled all the problems with the insurance company to expedite my major problem I had here.  I have absolutely no complaints they were very patient they didn’t hassle me for money until I got paid by my insurance company which was the most important thing in a really trying time and ah…. You know they came here immediately and cleaned my house up in 3 days it was like amazing.

It was the only good experience I’ve had so far with this whole disastrous hurricane and flood we had in this house.

Sean: What did you like best about the service we provide? Can you be specific?

John: Very personable, very responsive. Again, they said they were gonna come here tomorrow and they were here following day they cleaned the house up so that we were able to move my family back in and not be displaced. And called ne to ask me if I needed anything. They never called to hassle me about anything, never got the feeling I was going to be robbed or scammed and I got the feeling with a lot of other companies.  I even had a company called ServePro put a business card in my mailbox a week before the hurricane.

And ah you know, these guys…..I looked them up in the yellow pages I heard a couple good things about them.   I called him up, the guy came the day I called him. He didn’t tell me there was a 2 week wait or a three week wait he didn’t ask for any money upfront and ah…..they came and I just felt the most important thing to them was to clean my house up and made it livable.  And then we de were gonna deal with the money after that which made it the best experience I’ve had

Sean: If you have to rate them from 1 to 10 what would you give them.

John: A 12

Sean: Will you tell friends and family about company?

John: What’s that?

Sean: Will you tell friends and family about company?

John: Oh of course, hopefully I don’t have to but if I do….absolutely.

Sean: I have to ask you a question, what’s going on with this (point to Dallas Flag)

John: Oh we don’t want to see that this year. The Giants won the Super Bowl so you know what, it’s not my year at all hahahaha

Yet, Another Satisfied Water Damage Restoration, Water Removal Client in Manalapan, Marlboro Morganville, Englishtown and Monroe

Sean: Thanks a lot. I really appreciate it.

John: Thank you very much.

Oh you know what the Giants won the super bowl it’s not my hear hahahaha

John – Manalapan, MarlboroMorganville, Englishtown and Monroe NJ Area

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