Debbie talking about her carpet cleaning experience and cat urine, odor removal in Morristown, Morris County NJ

Debbie Had her Cat Urine Removal in Basement and carpet cleaned in Morristown, NJ

(Sean: What’s your experience with AllState Services?) Very positive. They were responsive, professional, did a great job.

(Sean: What was the situation?) I had a lot of cat urine in my basement and they came with a special blue light, they found all the areas that needed to be cleaned. They did a wash of it, they left the machine here that got rid of all the odor. It’s a hundred times better.

(Sean: If you had to rate it from 1 to 10, what would you rate it?) An 8

Yet, Another happy carpet cleaning and Cat Urine Removal client in Morristown NJ

(Sean: Would you tell friends/family about our services?) Absolutely! There’s no question that the service worked.

(Sean: Thanks a lot) Sure

Debbie – Morristown NJ