Condensate Pump Leak from Air Conditioner

Air conditioner condensate pump leaking caused water damage in Somerset County

  • Date of Loss: August 2016
  • Building Type: Residential
  • Location: Somerset, NJ
  • Loss Event: Water
  • Cost: $4,000

Provide Services: Emergency Service , Moisture test, Equipment Rental, Demolition, Contents Packout , Content Manipulation, Mold Damage Cleanup Service, Wet Carpet Removal and Dry-out

Water Damage from Condensate Pump Leaking

Description Of Work

Somerset County, NJ – Our technician was dispatched to Franklin Township, NJ to assist a customer with an A/C water leak. Our company received and Emergency Service call to a customer who experienced home water damage caused by an AC leak. We sent our technician to aid the customer and found out the water damage was due to the AC condensate pump overflowing. We helped her solve the problem by ripping out the carpets and restoring the and drying her home

Material affected by the water loss in Franklin Township:

  • Wet Carpet Pad Removal
  • Wet Carpet Removal
  • Wet Insulation
  • Sheetrock
  • Wet Wallpaper
  • Basemolding
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Location Franklin Twp, NJ

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Loss Located In Beautiful Franklin Township, Somerset County, NJ

Liberty Ln, Franklin Township, NJ 08873

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