Kathy Had Sewage Backup in basement Cleanup & Water Damage Repairs in East Brunswick, Milltown, Sayreville, Spotswood, Monroe NJ Area Middlesex County

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Kathy telling about her basement sewage cleanup and damage repair experience in East Brunswick, Milltown, Sayreville, Spotswood, Monroe NJ Area

Sean: Hi. I’m here with Kathy. We just finished cleaning and drying the basement after a sewage backup a couple of days ago. What was your experience with AllStates Cleaning and Restoration Services?

Kathy: My experience was great. I called them, they came right away. They told me what the problem was, they didn’t make me wait, they were very neat when they left everything was clean. I had no problems. I didn’t have to give any money up front. I just paid them when they completed the complete job, which is very rare with contractors.

Sean: They came on Sunday?
Kathy: I think it was…. I called you Sunday. Yes, and you came Sunday night. They came Sunday at about 5 or 6 o clock at night. They got the machines going. They cut down the sheetrock that had to be cut. It didn’t matter whether it was Sunday or a Monday during work hours.

Sean: Can you be specific about what you liked best?
Kathy: I like that owner came. So you got to talk to the owner. You weren’t just dealing with workers. I like that when they left my house was neat and clean. They didn’t leave a mess behind for me to clean up. And I like that I didn’t feel I was being hassled to get payment.

Yet, Another Satisfied Water Damage Restoration Client in East Brunswick, Milltown, Sayreville, Spotswood, Monroe NJ

Sean: If you have to rate it from 1 to 10
Kathy: A 10 or higher. Everything was perfect.
Sean: Thanks a lot.

Kathy – East Brunswick, milltown, Sayreville, Spotswood, Monroe NJ Area

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