Joe had a leak his ceiling that went into his garage and cause garage water damage ceiling in Hazlet NJ. – Garage water damage Hazlet NJ

Joe is telling us about Water Damage Restoration, Disaster Recovery Hazlet NJ experience.

Mike: I’m here with Joe Martin. Joe can you tell us why you had AllStates restoration come to your home?

Joe: We had a leak that went through the ceiling above my garage and into the garage section of my house.

Mike: If you could name one thing you liked best about our service, and be specific, what would it be?

Joe: Everyone was courteous and if I had a problem they bent over backwards to help me.

Another happy customer in Hazlet, Monmouth County NJ!

Mike: If you had to rate us on a scale from 1-1o, 10 being the best 1 being the worst, what would you rate us?

Joe: I would rate you a 10.

Mike: Awesome and would you recommend us to friends and family?

Joe: Yes I would.

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