Sandra talk about basement water damage cleanup experience in Somerset, NJ – Basement Water Damage Restoration Somerset

Sandra had Flooded Basement water damage restoration service in Somerset County NJ

(Sean: I’m here with Sandra. There was water damage in the basement about a few weeks ago. What is your experience with AllStates Restoration)
You were very, very helpful . We called you about 2 o’clock in the morning. Our basement was flooding during a storm you came out within an hour you were here and just was very helpful with assessing the damage and what we needed to do to get the water out of our basement.

Making sure there was no mold or mildew. It was a week of storms and flooding and you really were, more than once, you were here whenever we called and explained everything to us. You were so helpful and empathetic. This was the first we had ever experienced this and so you had really helped us walk through it, and we really appreciate it.

(Sean: What did you like best about the services we provide)
Well, I liked that you cleaned and got the basement water out. You did as little damage to the basement as possible doing that. You were able to clean up the mold and the mildew. But also the personal attention and care. You treated us with compassion. We were going through a really difficult time, just because we had never experienced this before.

So that you were here when we called you in a panic, you came out, we called you more than once during that week and you came out in the middle of the night and you kept doing what you needed to do to make sure you got our basement back dry.

(Sean: If you had to rate if from 1 to 10, what would you rate it)
Absolutely 10. I‘ve never had an experience like this before, but I have no complaints. We were very pleased. In fact, we had called 2 other companies before we called you. The first one had said they were going to come and we waited.

They called us back 2 hours later and said they couldn’t come. So I was so disappointed. The second company we called, they came out and they wanted to charge us an exorbitant amount of money that they wanted us to pay, right then, that night before they did anything. And I’m like, this is crazy, I’m talking about thousands of dollars. We called you, you came, you assessed it. We said we have insurance, you said listen, we’ll submit the bill directly to the insurance company. You did the work, and that’s the way it happened so. You were the best, you are the best.

Yet, Another happy basement water damage restoration client in Somerset NJ

(Sean: Would you recommend us)
To anyone, absolutely. If you have water damage call AllStates

Sandra – Somerset New jersey