Abe try to sell is home and have Musty odor and moldy smell in the basement, he call AllStates Restoration to perform carpet odor removal, basement odor removal carpet cleaning and basement cleanup in Teaneck Englewood Bergenfield area Bergen County North Jersey

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Abe telling about is Basement and Carpet Odor Removal, Experience in Teaneck and Bergenfield Area Bergen County

Sean: Hi we have Abe over here, we just finished an odor removal service in his basement. Abe how was your experience with AllStates Services?

Abe: Well ah.,.. I did a lot of research on how to deal with getting rid of odors in houses and ah found out about this particular system that very few people really know about or even do, and tracked down to ah.. AllStates Services and had them come in. And they came in first to inspect it and see what needed to be done. And I can tell you unlike many contractors who come when a homeowner calls them and says I’ve got an odor, or water in the basement, they think it’s a blank check.

Sean came in and gave me a very honest appraisal of what needs to be done and what doesn’t need to be done, contrary to many other people. And ah we went through his system for about three days and ah the pure test was when in the process of seller our house and unbeknownst to me our realtor came by with somebody..ahh prospective buyer and when they went downstairs they saw the machine, they weren’t quite sure what it was, and the buyer said this is the best smelling basement I’ve ever…it’s as if I’m upstairs in my bedroom, which was exactly what the point of using AllStates was, not just to mask an odor but to get a natural clean ah…. odor so that there’s no odor and they feel like they could walk blindfolded in any part of the house and you would never know that you were in a basement as opposed to a bedroom.

Sean: What do you like best about the services we provide?
Abe: Well ah you know you came when you said you were gonna come, you told me how long it was gonna take, you gave me an estimate which proved to be right on the nose, and ah you have a very good attitude and I like people who smile and truly enjoy what they work, because when they enjoy what they do, they do a good job.

Sean: Now if you had to rate us 1-10 how would you rate us?
Abe: 10

Yet, Another Satisfied Carpet and Basement Odor Removal Client in Teaneck, Englewood, Bergenfield Area Bergen county North Jersey

Sean: And ah, you introduce AllStates Services to friends, family?
Abe: Absolutely in fact I will mention this service to many realtors because more often than not, homeowners can’t smell because their in the house, but they really want a truly objective clean smelling house then they should bring in an expert and I’d be more than happy to recommend Sean from AllStates Services.

Sean: Thank you very much.

Abe: Your welcome.

Abe – Teaneck Englewood Bergenfield area Bergen county North Jersey, NJ

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