Mold on Your Roof, Roof mold Cleanup & Testing in NJ & NY

Do you want to work with a mold expert or just a pressure washing company for your mold on your roofing?

Roof Mold RemovalA lot of home owners hire pressure washing companies to clean their roofing. The reason is due to the fact that they are low-cost. Those type of companies do there work for a year or more and then do something else.

The turnover rate is big because the prices charged can not sustain business. These companies utilize only a High Pressure cleaning system with chlorine bleach to clean roofing. They make use of high hazardous concentrations of chlorine bleach which can kill plants, fish in water supply, and is risky for pets and kids.

The bleach will fade the color of the roof and bleaches the dirt, not eliminate it. Bleach does not retard the re-growth of algae and mold. It will rust metal gutter systems and will leave drip marks on metal roofing and gutters. The high pressure can damage your roofing system.

A mold expert who comprehend mold development will make use of a non-toxic, biodegradable, USDA approved product. They will not use bleach or acid. The product is safe for children, plants, and animals. It is environmentally safe. It will retard the re-growth of mold, fungus and algae. It will not rust gutter systems or leave drip marks.

The item does most of the work and cleans into the pores of the concrete roofing material, the wood shake, and the asphalt singles. It is then rinsed with a reduced volume low pressure rinse system. Metal roofs can also be cleaned with the exact same system. You might wish to work with a mold professional who understands mold and cleans outside mold including roofs.

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