Do you have a water leak behind your fridge? Behind your kitchen area sink?

NJ Mold in kitchen areas is from 3 sources. The leading source is a leaking sink. The pipe behind the sink leakages, the seals in the sink themselves leak and drip below in the cabinet and afterwards behind the cabinet, or the seal to the drop in sink is bad and water gets under into the cabinet then behind the cabinet. The second source is the dishwasher that results in the sink drain. The 3rd water source is the pipes to the refrigerator for the ice maker.

Mold in Your Kitchen – Emergency Kitchen Mold Removal

The majority of these leaks are slow-moving leaks and occur for a while up until the owner recognizes what is taking place. By the time the owner realizes they have a leakage, kitchen mold has actually formed behind the refrigerator on the drywall. The water can even spread out to the dinning space and under a wood floor.

The wood floor then forms mold under the floor and should be replaced. The other scenario is that the sink or dishwasher leakage and the water is a slow leak. It gets behind the cabinet. Over time it gets worse and requires the entire counter top to be removed in order to remove the mold influenced cabinet or cabinets.

You would also have to get rid of any black mold affected drywall prior to putting anything back in place. Water leaks in a kitchen area can be pricey. Let an expert give you expert consultation.

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