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Removing cigarette smell from your home or car in Central NJ

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Q: How do I get rid of that odor from cigarette smoke in my home?

A: Hydroxyl generators are the answer.

Smoke damage caused by a smoker will include everything in the room — and everyone hates the stale smoke odor.

You can use specialized, professional equipment to help remove the very last of the odors, often in areas that cannot be cleaned (inside joints, inside walls, etc.) This will often involve hydroxyl generators.

What is a Hydroxyl Generator?

The Hydroxyl Generator is the latest advancement in safe air cleansing technology. These units harness the power of UV light, which then reacts with ambient moisture in the air to create a Hydroxyl.

Once liberated into our environment, these Hydroxyls have the power to destroy any germ or odor in which they encounter.

Hydroxyl Generators DO NOT add chemicals to mask air-smell!

This is very important to people with respiratory problems. Clean air is critical for people with asthma & COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease).

Hydroxyl Generators:

  • Do kill air-borne bacteria, viruses and fungus spores
  • Do kill mold and mildew
  • Do Eliminate Smoke Smell in structures and contents
  • Do Eliminate pet odor
  • Do neutralize hazardous gasses such as H2S
  • Do convert odors (volatile organic compounds) into harmless by-products
  • Do clean every surface and crevasse in a structure naturally
  • Do penetrate into and through hockey/football equipment, cushions, carpet and other difficult materials eliminating smell and bacteria.

 Unlike ozone, foggers & harsh chemicals, the ODOROX HYDROXYL GENERATORS are  completely safe for people, pets, plants, rubbers, plastics & other organic materials.

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