Mold in the Boats – Boat Mold Removal & Testing in NJ & NY

Do you have mold in the living area of your boat? Has the boat been sitting outside and flooded in the interior? Is the exterior of the boat and engine area soiled with algae and mold?

Mold in the BoatIf you have the above situation, it can constantly be cleaned and a lot of times saved. One example of a boat with mold is as follows. The boat sat on its lift on the dock for two years never used. The boats batteries died and the owner overlooked the boat.

The boats tarp was torn and rain leaked into the boat. When opening the torn cover you could see and smell a bad mold problem. When you opened the door to the living quarters there was around 3 feet of black water. The cushions and rugs were covered with mold.

The engines might not start and were covered in mold as well. The owner wanted to clean his boat and restore it so he could enjoy once again. Before the mechanic would touch the engines, the owner needed to clean the boat for health issues.

We had the ability to get rid of the water, spray the boat inside, spray the boat outside including the engines, and clean the whole boat to look brand-new again. We did this precisely the dock with the safety of the environment and surrounding location.

We ran air scrubbers in the boat to filter and clean the cabin of mold spores. The black and green mold was re-mediate and the owner was very delighted and could enter his boat once again.

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Boat Mold Remediation Service NJ

At AllStates Restoration, we know that not everyone has the time as well as energy to clean Remediate Mold in your Boat. Allstates happy to tell you that we’re ready 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year long to take your call and assist you.

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