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Do you have to remove the drywall or can you simply clean it?

Mold in DrywallDrywall is a food source for mold. The paper on drywall feeds mold when it gets damp and the humidity conditions are at 60% and above. When you see noticeable mold on drywall is can be surface mold or mold from the inside wall cavity.

Surface mold is small and round and typically gray or brown in color. It can look like a little dust ball. This is a mold that when cleaned, disappears off the wall and drifts away. The mold from the wall cavity is embedded in the drywall itself.

It started to grow on the inside of the wall cavity feeding off the paper on the back side. It continues to sprout and bleeds to the front in the living quarters. If you try to wipe it away, it still exists. This is the kind of drywall that needs to be cut and removed.

There are no items on this earth that can eliminate mold from the middle of gypsum wallboard. It has to be cut and removed. A mold specialist will make the determination after inspecting wetness content in the drywall.

If you have surface area mold you do not desire to wipe it unless it is less then ten square feet per EPA Standards. If you wipe mold like dust, it will travel and can land on various other wet locations of the house and remain to sprout and cause cross contamination. Anything above 10 square feet should be done by a professional per EPA Standards.

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