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Are you currently unwell? Do you believe you have mold in your property? What signs can mold cause to the body?

Symptoms Related to MoldMold can cause numerous health impact to the human body. It starts with the human skin. The skin is the largest organ in the human body. It shields all the various other body organs in our bodies. You can start feeling itchy all the time. You might get welts or rashes on your skin. Your eyes might itch. If you have been breathing mold you may sneeze more often. You could get sinusitis to act up.

Maybe a continuous runny nose or soar throat that does not go away. You can feel nausea or fever. For extended exposure you can feel chronic tiredness or get headache and migraine headaches. Mold can even impact memory loss, tingling, and state of mind swings.

Stachybotrys, Fusarium, and Apergillius/Penicillium molds are toxic molds. These molds can add to memory loss, headaches, fatigue, joint discomfort, and depression. Toxic molds are the worst molds that can trigger cancer cells, reduce immune systems, damage to liver and lungs, and damage other human body organs. If body organs are damaged and immune systems are jeopardized, it can bring about more significant health concerns.

The signs are vast but most individuals do not understand if it is related to a mold scenario. If you feel unwell when oversleeping your home and feel better when far from your property, that is the first indication to have your property tested for mold. If you are having signs discussed above and think you have actually been exposed to mold, consult your physician immediately to check on your health. Do not take mold lightly.

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