Health Effects of Mold in Your Home – Mold Inspection and Testing in NJ & NY

Are you sneezing regularly in your home? Are you stuffed up all the time? How about having scratchy skin or rashes? Mold can cause health impacts to the body.

Health Effects of Mold in Your HomeThe human body has many systems. It has a respiratory system, a worried system, a vascular system, and skin to secure these systems. The respiratory system is made up of the nose, mouth, trachea, lungs, and esophagus.

The small hairs in the nose named Cilia and mucous membranes are expected to trap air born particles from entering the respiratory system that should not exist.

This can consist of mold spores. If exposed to too much mold, you can begin to sneeze, produce extreme mucous, get sinus problems, and worst case bleeding lungs and nose.

The nerves in people is comprised of the brain, spinal cable, and nerves. The brain sends the messages to the nerves through the spine. Mold can influence the nerves causing amnesia, numbness, and significant mood swings.

The vascular system is a combination of our hearts, blood, and blood vessels. They carry oxygen and leukocyte with the blood. When exposed to high levels of mold, it can minimize a person’s white blood cell counts in ill individuals. This can lead to further body damages.

The largest body organ in the human body is human skin. Skin is the first organ exposed. Mold can cause the skin to itch, form rashes, welts, and pain. The skin shields all our various other organs and may give the first indications of adverse exposure.

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