Carol telling her carpet and upholstery cleaning experience in Scotch Plains, Union County NJ

Carol had her daughter carpet cleaned and couch cleaned in Scotch Plains NJ

(Sean: Tell me about your experience with AllStates Services)
Well I have two grandchildren, a one and a three year old. You could just about imagine how stained, dirty, and old looking the couch looked and the carpet.

Well AllStates came in. The workman was unbelievable. He was respectful, he was clean. He was unintrusive and uninvasive of my daughter, myself, and the 2 little kids. He made everything look brand new. Could not have been nicer. Workmanship was spotless. Not a bit of mess around the rest of the house. – Upholstery Cleaning Scotch Plains

And I have to tell you, the couch that’s 9 years old looks brand new. There is not one trace of formula, apple juice, cookie stains. Chocolate chip cookies were mashed all over that couch by my grandson, and it looks brand new. I cannot be happier and I cannot recommend more, the upholstery cleaning service of AllStates.

(Sean: What do you like about the service we provide?)
He was on time. He was polite. The workmanship was great. The house was kept neat. Any garbage he had he took with him. He was as great as can be with the couch, he brought it into a spare room, the pieces of the couch, the pillows, and it dried. The way he laid it out, it dried perfectly.

By 5 hours later, it was back on the couch and we surprised my son-in-law and he was shocked, pleased, ecstatic, but the bad part is he wants company over now. So my poor daughter has to go out and start shopping and cooking for company to come over. I am a happy customer and I can’t wait to tell everyone, all my friends about the service we received. So thank you AllStates and you will be hearing from me soon.

Yet, Another happy carpet cleaning client in Scotch Plains NJ

(Sean: One more question, if you rated it 1 to 10 what would you rate it?)
20! If that’s possible. 10 is not enough to say how happy I am.
(Sean: Thanks a lot)
Thank YOU!

Carol – Scotch Plains NJ