Meri telling about her carpet cleaning experience in Marlboro, Monmouth County NJ

Meri Cohen had her carpet cleaned in Marlboro Twp, NJ

Hi, I’m Meri Cohen. I just got home from work and AllStates just did my carpet and I don’t even recognize it. It was, seriously, the dirtiest carpet you could ever imagine. Spots, black gross spots all over and now you can’t even see it. I mean, my husband called me up and said “Did you know we had grey carpet ?” We actually thought it was actually polka dotted. He did an amazing job. – Carpet Cleaning Marlboro NJ

I’ve actually had a lot of other carpet cleaners come and nobody got it as clean as this.

(Sean: Meri , what do you like best about your experience with AllStates Restoration)

You guys were great, reliable, dependable, you went through the carpet once and it didn’t come out so you went back and did it again because you really want the customers to be happy.

(Sean: If you had to rate from 1 to 10, what would you rate it)

I rate you a 10+… Or 11! Does that work?

(Sean: Yeah, are you serious, an 11?)

An 11.

(Sean: Everyone gives me an 11)

So then I’m going to give you a 12!

Yet, Another happy carpet cleaning client in Marlboro NJ

(Sean : Would you introduce AllStates Restoration to friend/family?)

Definitely. I would definitely recommend you highly. I highly recommend you.

Meri Cohen – Marlboro NJ