Mr. Sharma Had basement water damage, wet carpet water damage, wall water damage and tile floor water damage repair in Central NJ, Princeton Junction, West Windsor, Plainsboro Twp, Princeton, East Windsor and Cranbury area NJ area caused by broken sump pump. – Basement Water Damage from Sump Pump Failure Central Jersey

Mr. Sharma telling about he’s sump pump failure water damage basement, water removal and dry-out in Central Jersey, Princeton Junctioin, West Windsor, Plainsboro Twp, Princeton, East Windsor and Cranbury Area Experience in Mercer County New Jersey

Mr. Shama here he had water in his basement late at night.
AllStates: What’s your experience with AllStates Services?
Mr. Sharma: I think you guys are very prompt in responding to my call. I called several people late in the evening…this was a Thursday night…when we discovered the seepage in the basement. You came promptly. You went back and made another trip to get some more equipment to get the water out of the basement. I think we were up until like what 12:30 so I really appreciated that because anything could have happened when the temperature dropped. So…. The promptness was appreciated, high marks for that…..and getting the job done late at night and knowing what to do… you had to drill a hole through the window, as you know. … so that was good. And then bringing your guys in the next morning as you said….to complete the job. And then I think you put in some extra work as well because we didn’t know how much water it was gonna be. And you had to put in a couple of extra days of work, so I appreciated that as well.

AllStates: What did you like best?
Mr. Sharma: Like I said… your promptness. The fact that you immediately responded. You didn’t wait for another day and when we talked about it c you were kind of unsure whether to do it in the morning, or come back and you said let’s just get this done now, you came back and got it done. I really appreciated that it was like ok I can sleep at night thinking ok the water is out of the basement.
I would give you guys high marks compared to the other people we had here. And ah….yeah. I’m definitely impressed.
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Yet, Another Satisfied Basement Water Damage Cleanup & Repairs Client in Central Jersey, Princeton Junction, West Windsor, Plainsboro Twp, Princeton, East Windsor and Cranbury Area

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AllStates: Would you recommend AllStates Services?
Mr. Sharma: I would recommend it to anyone that water in the basement. I mean water in the basement is what I’ve dealt with.
Thanks a lot.
Any time. I appreciate it.

Mr. Sharma – Central NJ, Princeton Junction, West Windsor, Plainsboro Twp, Princeton, East Windsor and Cranbury NJ
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